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13 thoughts on “Special Offer – Keto ACV Gummies”

  1. Amazing discount, I even got an extra free bottle, thank you so much. This is the only place they are offering free bottles.

  2. I have always had a problem munching way too much in the evenings. I chew 2 of the gummies just before lunch and drink a small glass of water. They really do work on curbing my appetite. I eat what I want but noticed I am eating smaller portions and satisfied.

  3. A friend recommended thes apple cider gummies to supplement my keto diet. Fruity taste and easily to take.

  4. I’ve been trying to find decent flavored AVC gummies with low sugar and good taste, but have had a difficult time until I found these! Thank you so much for making it easier for type 1 diabetics to get the added benefits, too!!!

  5. I decided to try these since there was no added sugar. The gummies came stuck together in a giant clump. I pried one apart to taste it and had a bitter bite, not the sour you would expect from the cider vinegar. It left a strong bitter after taste. I will use them but will not reorder this brand. There are other brands that have 10 calories per 2 gummies and taste good. Stevia can have a decent taste when mixed with certain things like tea but not these gummies.

  6. Davi Mayfield

    these have a nice flavor and they are a constant reminder to not eat junk and remember my goal of losing weight and eating healthy,,, I do not feel as hungry, could be mind over matter, but I will take it ,,,works for me.

  7. I tried Goli ACV gummies and they were ok. I got these and they are so much better. The flavor, texture is better. These are really tasty (sweet apple) and they’re not sticky at all. I ended up having a bunch, since they were more like candy. So yes, they’re delicious. However….I know there is 1000mg of apple cider vinegar powder per 2 gummies (which is a lot for acv gummies). Reconstituted, that’s about 1500mg, or 1.5g of acv. A tablespoon is 14.4g though. So to get 1 tbsp of acv, you’d need about 19 gummies. I don’t know – I had perhaps 6 a day. Maybe that wasn’t enough acv, but they didn’t change anything for me health/body-wise. They just tasted good. They also have 4g sugar for 2 gummies, which seems like a lot of added sugar, especially if you have more than 2 a day. After 3 bottles I stopped buying. I could just get gummy candy for a lot less. So if you are into ACV gummies – these are great – they taste much better than Goli and have more ACV powder. However…is it really worth it? Meh – not so much for me.

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