Electric Companies Will Hate You For Doing This, But They Can’t Stop You

As the price of electricity steadily increases each and every year, it can stretch a budget extremely thin. But, thanks to this new Nikola-Tesla-inspired technology, consumers can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year on their electric bills.

A recent study suggested that most Americans are overpaying for electricity by an overwhelming $27.6 billion dollars each year.

It’s obvious that America has an energy crisis—a lack of energy reform from lawmakers and the Public Utility Commission about correcting the crooked business of selling overpriced electricity to consumers.

Both sides allow the other to do nothing. Earlier this year, the Public Utility Commission sent lawmakers a report about the incredible and ludicrous electricity spending it regulates. A problem? Apparently not.

Lawmakers who received the report from the state regulators have implied that everything is fine, and they don’t need to make any changes.

In fact, lawmakers refuse to introduce a bill designed to end the deceptive marketing practices that electric companies use to reap massive profits every year.

The system remains broken and is a dreadful display of hypocrisy, confusion, and avoidable complications. There is no reason why electric companies should be winning over regulators and consumers, but they are.

You can literally view hundreds of electric bills from an array of companies, and all you will notice is a mumbo jumbo of terms, conditions, and small print—hello headache. And you won’t know what your bill will be until it arrives.

Why does it matter? Because it results in more money out of your pocket.

Electric companies also confuse consumers with tiered pricing—different rates for different usage levels—but they make sure that the lowest prices show up early in search results.

To make a long story short, Big Energy is running a massive racket, and they will keep doing it as long as they can get away with it.

But there is hope for every consumer of electricity. Thankfully, innovative new technology can help most consumers reduce their electric bills by up to 50% a month after the first month.

A German-based startup company has come up with a new innovative and inexpensive gadget that helps you not only lower your electric bill but can also increase the lifespan of expensive household appliances. Within just one month, the device would pay for itself.

What Is This Device?

It’s called StopWatt, and its technology was originally created by none other than the legendary Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist, Nikola Tesla.

Initially, it was concealed from the general public because it offered average families the opportunity to save on their monthly energy costs. StopWatt is a small, compact, affordable, and easy-to-use plug-in unit that stops unnecessary power from entering the electrical cables and overloading the network.

StopWatt is your power company’s worst nightmare. They have been trying to hide StopWatt from the everyday consumer and have even banned it in retail shops.

Big Energy is threatened by this device and its potential to cut into profits.

However, thanks to the Internet, the secret is out, and everyday people are now reaping the rewards of less power consumption overall, including that used by household appliances.

The bonus? Your standard blender, microwave, vacuum, or any other household appliance may last longer.

In essence, StopWatt provides the opportunity for you to save up to 50% on your energy bill. That’s a phenomenal savings and makes it easy to understand why Big Energy wants this device hidden forever from consumers.

The benefits of StopWatt are unparalleled, and researchers are convinced this device could be the end of unaffordable power bills that can cripple the average end-of-the-month earnings for the typical wage earner.

Scientists initially spent many months trying to debunk claims of its efficiency, but those studies now prove that StopWatt should be commonplace in every household .

How Does StopWatt Work?

It’s easy to connect. Simply plug StopWatt into the outlet closest to your breaker box. That is all you need to do. Once it’s plugged in, the green LED light indicates it is powered on and working.

If you have a larger home, it is beneficial to place 1 unit close to the breaker box and another as far away from it as possible. It is as simple as that. And, it’s suitable for both standard homes and apartments connected to an electrical grid.

Once you’ve plugged it in, StopWatt will immediately get to work. Within 3-4 weeks (depending on the size of your home), it will begin to make efficient use of your energy while allowing you to reap the rewards of a more robust household appliance life cycle. In just a short time, you will have made your money back on your initial purchase.

Appliances always draw more power than they need to run due to inefficiencies and noise on the sine wave.

Can Big Energy Actually Stop This?

Now that you know the first truth—that power companies massively overcharge their customers—you should also know the second truth (one that almost no one is aware of): your utility company’s power is overloading circuits and shortening the lifespans of your expensive household appliances in the process.

So, you’re set to lose more than just money from your wallet. When StopWatt was discovered overseas, power companies spent millions trying to stop the product from reaching retail store shelves.

It would spell the end of their profiteering, so it was important that they kept it out of the public eye.

However, the questionable legality of such a move put a stop to this, and now close to 150,000 households worldwide are experiencing lower power bills all because of an inconspicuous plug-in device .

Is StopWatt Pro Device Actually Legal?

StopWatt is absolutely 100% legal; you are at no legal risk for owning this excellent electricity-saving device because simply put, you’re not breaking any laws.

Of course, power companies are not happy with the situation, so they are trying their best to hide StopWatt from the public eye.

How Much Is Going To Cost Me?

You’re probably thinking, given what this tech can do, that it has to cost a fortune. False! StopWatt is currently on sale, which means you’ll save big. You can get 50% off until the end of the week!

Make sure you get yours while you can. Due to recent media attention and mounting pressure from Big Energy, these handy little gadgets may become impossible to find in the near future.

Stop Watt Customer Reviews

Lower Your Energy Costs

Now that you’ve been informed about this brilliant invention, we’re pleased to announce the company has allowed us to give a special discount to all our readers. To get your special discounted pricing, all you need to do is to follow these 3 steps:

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When your Stopwatt is delivered, all you have to do is plug it in and start saving on energy costs! It’s really that easy!

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Author: Samantha Clark

Author: Samantha Clark

Samantha is a high school teacher who is full of enthusiasm for the latest tech and cool gadgets. She has been showcasing tech innovations online for 15 years. Her research often reveals gadgets that go on to sell millions of units because they’re so practical and helpful. Several of her picks are now media sensations.